Fall Foliage


Journey Together

Whether it's with your colleagues, classmates, club mates or friends - learning and challenging yourself together creates a wonderful environment for growth as well as acting as a support network for the future. 

Anchorage Facilitation can offer workshops that cover areas of professional and personal life.

Fall Foliage

Personal Facilitation

Gather together a group of club members or work mates and talk to Anchorage about designing a workshop to best fit your needs.

Topic of sessions could include

 - values workshops

 - strengths building

 - communication and leadership skills

 - challenge vs comfort

 - goal setting

plus many more.

Contact Paula to discuss your needs, time frame and budget for a personalised workshop.

Professional Facilitation

Bring Anchorage in to your work place to facilitate meetings, strategic planning sessions and team building. We bring a fun, lighthearted style that gets your team moving and talking in a productive manner. Using strengths and solution based practices we identify what the next steps are for your purpose. 

Contact Paula to start a discussion about your workplace and the needs for facilitation to plan a personalised programme.