Reflect, Set Your Bearings, Set Sail

Welcome to Anchorage Consultancy, an organisation focused on personal and professional growth through coaching, supervision and facilitation. Take a break with us to reflect and plan for a better 'now'. 


We believe that growth and learning is a life-long journey and that through purposeful conversation and action you can take charge of your journey, instead of just being blown along. 

We work face to face, online or over the phone so can meet you wherever you are to start moving forward.


For more information about our services and what we can do for you, please browse through the website and do not hesitate to get in contact with any questions.


Helen, NZ

Paula has helped me gain great insight into myself by uncovering the 'why' behind my actions and what I want to ultimately achieve. 

Most importantly Paula really cares and that kindness made it easy to open up to up to her and build an empowering relationship.

Kate, NZ

I've allowed negative self talk throughout my life to decrease my potential in many areas. Paula has been an exceptional sounding board, honest, understanding and humorous. I can highly recommend. 


Walking forward with you

We believe in the power of forward thinking, focusing on what is working and what we want more of in order to create a better 'now'. Through metaphor and imagery, strengths finding and reflection, we can build on what you already have to set the way forward. 
So often we focus on what has gone before...with Anchorage we keep our eyes forward, focused on what we would like to come next.

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Life Coaching

Pick up the map and compass for your journey

Professional Supervision

Forward Momentum

Group Facilitation

Journey Together


Anchorage Consultancy has teamed up with Outward Bound New Zealand to offer Post Course Coaching Sessions to students who have completed a course.

Post Course Coaching Session

Get the Most out of your OB Experience

This service will look at developing a coaching relationship once your Outward Bound course is complete, with the aim to help you to continue implementing the knowledge and goals identified during your course into your own environments. An Outward Bound course aims to develop ‘Better People, Better Communities, Better World’.  Our life coaching will build on your course experience to support and motivate you to realise these core values in your daily life. 

It doesn't matter whether your course was last week, last year, or last decade - we love revisiting courses and building on the learning. 

For more information visit the Outward Bound Post Course Coaching Page, or click the button below to go straight to booking. 

These sessions are not currently available for Professional and Adapted courses.


Anchorage Consultancy's founder, Paula Popenhagen has worked alongside people for the past decade, originally as an Occupational Therapist, in both physical and mental health settings and then as an outdoor instructor with Outward Bound New Zealand. These roles have brought her in contact with a wide range of ages, life stages, attitudes and goals. 
The ethos of Occupational Therapy with a focus on positive psychology, mixed with superb communication and interaction skills, and coupled with her love of adventure, learning and growth make her a fantastic sounding board for your own journey forward. She is proud to be a member of the International Coach Federation. 
Paula lives in Dunedin with her husband Tony. She loves getting out in the bush for a walk or a run, sailing their boat or rock climbing.


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